Hi, my name is 

Dave Joellenbeck

Affiliate Marketer | Copywriter | Funnel Design | Chatbots

Creator of Chatbot Money for Network Marketers

If you're interested in making money online...

...you're gonna want to read this page to the last paragraph...

...because I'm gonna show you why most of the stuff you've been taught by the online gurus is TOTALLY WRONG!

“I Did It... So Can You!

I Have a Confession...

It Wasn´t ALWAYS This Easy to Make Money Online.

July 3, 2022 => May 11, 2022

July 1, 2022 => May 13, 2022

July 8, 2022 => May 20, 2022

July 5, 2022  =tomorrow+1 day

My friend, when it comes to earning money online I've learned the hard way that there's only FOUR THINGS THAT MATTER...

...and they are ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL in how you can create an online income without bothering friends, paying for expensive ads or having a huge following.

I'll get to those FOUR THINGS in a minute...

👉But first, I want you to get to know me...

Since 2016 I have been traveling back and forth to the Philippines. I split my time between the U.S. (Illinois) and the Philippines (Cebu) and I am currently engaged to my lovely fiancée Verna who actively works along with me in all my online endeavors.

👉My desire to be financially self sufficient online started years ago...

I used to work in a dead end second shift production job for a local newspaper in Southern Illinois...

In my off hours I took courses on Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, WordPress, etc. thinking I could get a better job with the newspaper... but after working there for several years I realized that wasn't ever going to happen.

(The newspaper company is now on life support and all of the production jobs were shipped out of state years ago, so I dodged that bullet.)


👉For many years I have been running my own home-based advertising agency...

What I I loved about it is making my own schedule and meeting lots of great people as I went about creating hundreds of websites, adverts, logos, newsletters, Google My Business pages, etc.

As a matter of fact, I designed this very site, davidjoellenbeck.com as well as every other site and funnel I use.

👉In 2007, I started playing around with Affiliate Marketing and MySpace to pass the time.

Back then, one of the trends was to make money by direct linking people from a MySpace page to affiliate offers...

And I'll candidly admit... all I did was spam the hell out of those early social networks with affiliate links.

I also got into promoting offers on Warrior Forum where I got my first taste of making money. I moved on to promoting ClickBank and Max Bounty CPA offers with a little success.

Those early days were filled with few successes and dozens of failures... Or... I mean... "Learning Opportunities".

👉I've also spent several years trying to make money with various MLMs...

Note the operative word "trying" to make money...

I wasted too much time promoting all kinds of pills, powders, potions and lotions along with various services like long distance plans and roadside service, etc.

Along the way... I've lost track of how many times I've been BOMBARDED with lame "get-rich-quick" MLM schemes...

I'll bet you get hyped up MLM pitches sent to your Instant Messenger every few days like me.

If you're anything like I am, you've probably tried a few and have been left with nothing but a hole in your pocket!

Not only that...most of them suck. And the more expensive ones were some of the worst!

👉Well I got tired of it! My most recent MLM experiences were the FINAL STRAW...

  • My last MLM slashed commissions by 62% and within 3 months 90% of my income was gone.
  • The previous company went belly up after the owner was caught stealing which caused everyone to quit and my check sank like a rock.
  • Yet another company I was promoting decided to remove the network marketing pay plan and stole everyone's income overnight.
  • You guessed it—still another company—had regulatory problems and was shut down by the FTC.

👉As you might imagine, at this point I consider myself a "Recovering MLMer"

By the way, please don't get the impression I'm Anti-MLM.

I'm not saying it's a bad business model... To the contrary, for some people MLM is absolutely the best place to be!

I have HUGE RESPECT for anyone who has the belief and the passion make that model work successfully.

I just wasn't one of them.

👉Now... about those FOUR THINGS THAT MATTER that I mentioned earlier...

In a nutshell, what matters is how to optimize your...

1) Traffic & Exposure 

2) Opt-In Rate

3) Communication and

4) Conversion Processes to achieve maximum results.

I do this EXCLUSIVELY by driving Facebook traffic to Hi-Converting Offers that Pay 100% Commissions on BIG TICKET info & training products... All done with ZERO Rejection, Autoships, and Attrition.

Now, maybe you're thinking "Dave... constantly chasing people on Facebook sucks!"


Would you like an answer to that...a solution that truly works?

Listen, there's a sinister problem every Online Marketer eventually faces called “FACEBOOK FATIGUE”.

...and it's "Public Enemy #1" when it comes to Making Money Online…or even Having a Successful Side Hustle…

This led me to the creation of my eBook Chatbot Money for Network Marketers

…that lets you Grow your Online Income…WITHOUT Chasing People All Day On Facebook and getting Blocked, Ignored, Rejected or worse... Banned from the platform!

Simply put:

I did all this work so YOU don't have to.

Honestly, SO MUCH love and care went into the creation of the "FACEBOOK FATIGUE" Solution...

...so will you please just answer me this:

Will you let me help you?

The best part?

Once you have my 100% FREE Chatbot Money for Network Marketers eBook, you’ll know EXACTLY how to grow your Online Income almost no time flat…

...FASTER than you ever DREAMED was possible.

Let's talk soon,

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P.P.S. I'm also not afraid to talk to people. For some crazy reason there are folks out there who think it's asking too much to have a live conversation someone before they make their decision. I'm not one of those people. If you have questions just let me schedule a time that's convenient for both of us and I'll try to get them answered for you. After that, whatever you decide to do is fine by me.

The Chatbot Money for Network Marketers eBook is not a part of Facebook or Messenger, platforms, apps or websites. Also, this eBook is NOT endorsed by any Social Media or Messaging Application platform, app or website.